Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Co-worker 1: You hit me on the head with a sucker!

Co-worker 2: I hit you on the head with an Eisenhower sucker.

Me: Those are Sigmund Freud suckers.

Co-worker 1: I thought they were Albert Einstein. You bruised my forehead.

Monday, November 10, 2008


I've haven't had much to post on this blog lately. More accurately, it hasn't been convenient to post the few things I'd like to post. I have photos of paintings I've started, but I don't have access to my camera at the moment to upload them. So this will be a miscellaneous junk post.
I have art stuff I need to work on. A client sent me some house photos that I need to work with to do another walnut ink drawing for them.
Helga and Chris bought some paintings, and I kept one of them to frame before I give it to them. I need to do that ASAP.
I have watched the first three episodes of "Arrested Development" and think I understand why everyone kept telling me I should watch it. It's pretty darn funny.
I love it when I see a hawk circling in a cloudless sky, particularly the way its wings and head are sharp dark silhouettes against the bright blue but its belly is illuminated warmly by sunlight reflected off the ground below.
A week or two ago I was driving with Erin and Jill in the car with me. Erin was telling Jill that God made everything.
            "Everything in the whole world," Erin said.
            "EVERYthing?" asked Jill with an incredulous giggle.
            "The whole world and the sun and the moon," said Erin.
            "And the grass?" asked Jill, laughing. This was cracking her up.
            "Even the grass."
            "And the cars?"
            "The cars, too. But people painted them. And God is inside everyone."
            Then, at lunch about an hour later, Jill asked out of the blue, "How does a grown-up fit inside my tummy?"
Today Kim used a gift card she had at Panera bread, and she bought me a gingerbread bagel with hazelnut cream cheese. It was fantastic, and much better than most desserts I've had recently.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hail Ants--oops, I mean, hail Democrats.

I, for one, welcome our new Islamic terrorist baby-killing gay flag-burning overlords, and I'd like to remind them how useful a bureaucratic cog like me can be in your governing apparatus.


Monday, November 03, 2008

Kevin and Brian: Face it, we're a reviled minority

(From http://www.pollster.com/blogs/would_you_vote_for_a_fill_in_t.php)

Although you probably already knew this.

Interesting about the Mormons. I hope we don't bump into one another too hard as they fall and we ascend.

Edited to add: OOPS! I hope no one was thinking that I was saying my brothers and I are gay. Nope. It's worse than that, even.