Friday, October 17, 2014

House portrait finished today

Black walnut ink on Bristol paper, 9 x 16 inches. 

Pumpkin horses carved

The horses I drew last week, carved today.  They are probably not going out tonight, but maybe in the next few days.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jack-o'-Lantern Spectacular

My haunted graveyard pumpkin at Iroquois Park
One of my pumpkins, illuminated in the show at Iroquois Park.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Jack - o'- lantern spectacular

Here’s a picture of Travis, one of the guys running the show, drawing the Titanic on a titanic pumpkin.

Here are the two that I cut last night--a haunted graveyard and a triceratops.
The show opens Thursday, October 9. It looks to me like they will have even more pumpkins than last year.

I don't have as much time this year as I did last year. I'd really like to do more.  Maybe next year I will schedule a little vacation time just to work on pumpkins.

I not only like the results (the display is a grand spectacle), but also the guys who manage the show and the other artists who work there are a great bunch.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Messing around

Wings of Glory, X-Wing Miniatures

The Baron's Fokker swoops in on the poorly positioned enemy
Last night I played a couple of games with Aaron. First, we played two quick aerial duels with his new Wings of Glory pack.  In the first match, I totally screwed up in maneuvering, and the Red Baron shot down my Sopwith Camel.  In the second match, we charged one another in a blaze of guns. He hit me and my engine started smoking, but his gun jammed and I knocked him out of the sky.

Rebel ion cannons keep Imperial ships in disarray while the HWK shimmies through picking off the wounded.
Then we played a (roughly) 100-point X-Wing Miniatures match. Aaron's young son Collin and I were the Rebel team, and Aaron was the Imperials. It was a tricky match-up: Collin's Y-wing and B-wing were using disabling ion cannons, while my HWK made most of the actual kills with a blaster turret. The Rebels won with no ships destroyed.

I had a great time.