Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mice & Mystics on a snow day

During our snow day off, we made it through a chapter of Mice & Mystics. It had been so long since we had played, we forgot where we had left off. After we started playing, we realized that we had already played through this chapter.  At any rate, we made it through again, this time more successfully than ever before.  The girls had fun and want to play again soon.

Mouse heroes vs. elite rat archers

Sparkling tree

I took this yesterday, home for a snow day.

Snowy drive in to work

I took this photo on my drive into work this morning. We had a delayed opening.  It was snowing a little before I left.  Right when I departed my house, it started coming down hard.  The roads were all bad, visibility varied between 50 yards and a quarter mile, and traffic was slow.  Finally, at the turning lane at Westport and Hurstbourne, things came to a standstill for 15 minutes while a couple was pulled out of a snowbank.  While I waited, the snow stopped and the sky brightened.  The last bit of the drive wasn’t as bad, mostly slush, and I got the sense that at least the main roads would be clear if the snow held off a while.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


This is a picture from last Friday. She came home, threw up twice, then fell asleep on my lap. She was better after a few days; it seemed very flu-like. Somehow the rest of us have stayed feeling pretty good, which I never would have bet money on.