Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Don't read this if you are disturbed by bugs or parental tragedy

Just a few minutes ago I walked through the door of the building where I work and had a disturbing experience. There was a large spider on the floor near the door; and when I say "large", I mean like a hairy milk jug with legs. I paused to look at it. I think it was a brownish gray fishing spider, but it might have been just a really big dark wolf spider. Anyway, I noticed that it was carrying its (hundreds of) babies on its back.
Our building's cold sterile lobby is no place for a young single mother to raise a family, so I decided to try to herd the spider back out the door. When I propped open the door, though, the wind created by our building's ventilation system was blowing strongly inwards, causing the spider to run the opposite direction, away from the door. I tapped my foot in front of her, trying to get her to run to the door, but she wouldn't go that way. Finally, I kicked at her, trying to nudge her, but I mishandled it. It was a strong enough kick that she was send flying a foot or so away, but he babies flew off all around where she had been. The spider ran off to a corner, but where she'd been standing there were now about ten thousand tiny baby spiders running haphazardly in a slowly expanding pool of spiderness.
Recognizing that I had wrecked the situation beyond repair, I said, "Unngh, I am SO out of here," and left. I am now both disgusted at the creepy-crawliness of what I witnessed, and wracked by guilt.


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