Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fallen Tree

On Sunday night we went to the concert in Willow Park, and I was saddened to see that Saturday's storm had toppled a very large tree that I had stopped to admire on more than one occasion.  This tree stood at the entrance to Cherokee Park right across from Willow Park.
We were lucky; there was no damage at our house, and we kept power.  A tree in the back corner of our neighbor's yard broke about 8 feet up the trunk, but it fell away from our yard, sparing our fence.  This same tree overhangs our yard, and I've hung birdhouses from it.  Some trees and large limbs were lost down the street from us.  We fared better than my parents, who lost electricity for a couple of days, and whose neighbors had a large tree crash into the back of their house.  Two cars in front of my parents' house were smashed by a large oak limb.

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  1. I pointed that tree out to Mary Lynn not more than 3 weeks ago and remarked how huge it was.


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