Monday, June 11, 2012

What a show

I saw two big productions over the weekend.  Last night, thanks to my friend John, I was able to attend The Wall Live, performed by Roger Waters and a bunch of great musicians and a host of production personnel.  It was spectacular, and we had great seats.

Also over the weekend, I attended another wonderful performance in my own back yard!  Here is the invitation:

And here is another handout, a synopsis to entice us to attend:

It, too, was a fine production, completely silent, obviously well-rehearsed, and with great props (there was hula-hooping, small plastic stakes used at hunting implements, and a water spray bottle for cleaning the invisible prey... which they did eat with enthusiasm.


  1. My...I can't believe that was "off Broadway." Love their posters and signs, too.

  2. Very, very upset that I missed that!


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