Friday, November 30, 2012


Once again, I’ve been spending some time cross-referencing features on an old map, satellite photos of the same area as it exists today, and a park map.  I’m looking for places to metal detect, but the detective work involved itself is lots of fun for me.

The area I’m looking at is near the old farm buildings in my last post. The 1879 map, of which I show one close-up here, shows four different home sites in the woods. I think either A or B closely corresponds with the bird’s-eye view below it, in which you can see some kind of building remains in the trees.

 Here's is a broader view of the area, on which I drew a circle around the location of the site above. I think the house sites for A. Drescher, Stephen Jones, and W. Ellingsworth are close by in the trees south of the circle.
I really want to check out this area, and plan to go as soon as I get the chance. It won't be quick: this spot is about a mile through the woods from my parking spot to the southwest. It's hard to find the time. I have two art projects, plus Christmas planning, and family weekend events. I also need to clean the gutters, clean the house, and finish off the mowing and raking for the year. I'd love to go out there this weekend while the weather is decent...we'll see.

edited to add: I just realized I drew the orange circle in the wrong spot, a little too far NE.

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