Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fried potatoes

I have fixed potatoes quite a few different ways, with varying degrees of success. I don't think I've ever ruined a potato recipe, probably because potatoes are so simple and sturdy and edible to begin with that you actually have to work hard to make them really bad.
However, I've rarely had potatoes come out as something that seemed excellent.  Sure, the baked potatoes I've made have been very satisfying.  I've made boiled and mashed potatoes, and they were fine.  Potatoes I've fried have been OK.
Sunday, after fishing, I came home hungry.  There was a half-bag of smallish red potatoes on the counter, and I decided to fry them (to accompany some reheated crock pot chicken), and to finally do it right.  I actually tried to adhere to a recipe.
So I trimmed them, cut them into smaller pieces, boiled them for fifteen minutes, and then sautéed them in a mix of butter and canola in a cast iron skillet until they were brown.  The recipe called for rosemary, but I had none, so I sprinkled them with parsley flakes and coarse salt.
Maybe it was the fact that fishing in cold weather makes me feel a little calorie starved, but by golly, those were the best potatoes I have ever fixed.  They were perfect.

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  1. They sound delicious, Mark. Your blogging has prompted me to go to the store and include some red potatoes on my list. Thank you!


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