Monday, June 17, 2013

Fathers' Day

I had a great Fathers' Day.  First of all, I received a very nice gift from Mom and Dad: a seed sprouter for starting sprouts to add to sandwiches, soups, etc.  Besides a couple of different seeds for the sprouting tray, they also gave me a few different seed packets for my garden.  That's great stuff.
My daughters brought me breakfast in bed on Sunday, and unloaded the dishwasher for me.  That is quite a treat.
After that, I ran some errands, and then spent some time making ice cream.  We still had some frozen blackberries from last year, so I pureed and then strained them.  There wasn't enough for a full batch of blackberry ice cream, so I added flavors to make vanilla blackberry chocolate chip.  I am delighted to report than it came out great.
For dinner we grilled a couple of steaks in the rain, and at those with corn on the cob.  Then we me Mom and Dad at Willow Park to hear Blair Carmen and the Bellevue Boys, one of our favorite concert regulars there (the rain ended just in time for the concert to proceed, and the weather was perfect.)  And that was my Fathers' Day.

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