Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cheese & Crackers

There have been a number of times in my life that someone has asked me what I am having for lunch, and I have responded, "Cheese and crackers," and they have expressed concern that I am not eating enough. 
"What else are you having?" he or she would ask.
"Just cheese crackers," I say.
"How can you eat only cheese crackers?"
"What do you mean?"
And they would elaborate a bit: "Well, cheese crackers just don't seem filling enough."
This never makes any sense to me.  I tell them that if four cheese crackers aren't filling enough, I eat eight.  If eight aren't filling enough, I eat twelve.  Shoot, I bet there are times I've even eaten more than sixteen.  What is their problem?  They don't mention the nutritional content, just their belief that cheese crackers (or peanut butter crackers) aren't "filling enough."  Anything is filling if you eat enough of it.
If I had a quarter for every conversation I've had similar to this, I bet I'd have enough to buy a pack of Kraft singles.

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