Sunday, April 27, 2014

X-Wing Miniatures and Dominion

Lando and the rookie encountering an imperial entanglement in the asteroid field
The last wounded TIE bomber failing to shake the closing X-wing pilot
I met up with some friends for games today. First we played X-Wing. Aaron and Paul flew a TIE fighter and two TIE bombers; Paul 's son Connor and I flew an x-wing and Lando in the Falcon. It was a tough match. I, flying Lando, 'sploded but inflicted a lot of damage. Connor's rookie then mopped up for a Pyrrhic Rebel victory.
Then we played Dominion, and it was my Worst. Game. Yet. Everyone starts the game with three victory points. I ended the game with three. Terrible. It was a very low scoring game, but still. I love the game, though.

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