Monday, May 12, 2014

Farmer vs. Businessman

My family visited some friends over the weekend, and their 8-year-old son was eager to rope someone into playing a board game he had created.  I did not play (he did not specifically invite me), but I watched with interest.  He had obviously spent a fair amount of time putting it together.

The premise: A 2-player game in which one side is a farmer and the other is a businessman. The business man has a car, the farmer drives a tractor.  You select your choice of weapon: bow and arrow, pistol, or musket.  You then fight one another was well as fighting goblins as you work your way up to fighting and defeating the Boss, thereby winning the game.

I gather that some of the inspiration comes from some video game or other that he and his classmates play, but I have no idea what.  Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny, and I was impressed. Hooray for 8-year-old gamers.

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