Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Jack - o'- lantern spectacular

Here’s a picture of Travis, one of the guys running the show, drawing the Titanic on a titanic pumpkin.

Here are the two that I cut last night--a haunted graveyard and a triceratops.
The show opens Thursday, October 9. It looks to me like they will have even more pumpkins than last year.

I don't have as much time this year as I did last year. I'd really like to do more.  Maybe next year I will schedule a little vacation time just to work on pumpkins.

I not only like the results (the display is a grand spectacle), but also the guys who manage the show and the other artists who work there are a great bunch.


  1. I'm glad you enjoy this work and that you like the guys there so much. What a great blog. Can't wait to go again this year.

  2. What a great experience for a great painter and artist!


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