Thursday, January 22, 2015

Art of the Loom at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft

Ms. Liz, whom I had previously met while carving pumpkins down at Iroquois Park for the Great Pumpkin Spectacular, gave some weaving instructions and then acted as our guide through the gallery

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to drive on a field trip to the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.  The 2nd and 3rd graders were there to see a weaving exhibit: "The New Art of the Loom."

I expected to enjoy the show, but I more than enjoyed it: I was very impressed.  The first floor was regional weaving artists, and the second floor showed international works of the loom, and all of them were beautiful.  Some were intriguing and abstract, some were strikingly representational; some were brilliant and shimmering, some were hauntingly toned-down.  All of them were fun to look at.

Unfortunately, the show ends this Saturday, but we are going to try to get down there as a family before it closes for a final visit.

First birthday


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Peanut brittle for squirrels

At some friends’ white elephant gift exchange the day after Christmas I ended up with a giant block of Texas-shaped peanuts and corn syrup.  I was warned against trying to eat it, and got the wrong idea that is was old (it turns out it was given fairly recently as a gift to the person I got it from, and the person who originally gave it hinted that he was a little hurt by where this block of candy eventually ended up, but anyway…)

So, not having an inclination to eat it myself, I thought maybe the squirrels would enjoy it on cold January days.  To that end, I strung it up with jute on the maple tree out front.

It was there for a week before there were any signs of someone nibbling it.  The eastern edge was gnawed on.  The next day, when I got home from work, it was on the ground, with significant bites in the panhandle region.

I tied it back up, and the next evening I found it again on the ground.

The next morning, it was gone, so I guess it became a winter snack for a possum.

Driving through downtown Louisville, evening

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

X-wing miniatures painting

Just before Christmas I won a random prize drawing in a contest on the Board Game Geek forums.  The guy who ran the contest, Phil Lewis, sent me a large Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures ship, the new YT-2400.  A very generous giveaway that I was thrilled to win!

Phil's screen name there is Red Herring, so in his honor I added a fish to the ship and rechristened it The Red Herring.  I also added the bright red stripe.

Arm bruise

Going with the theory that Everything is Bloggable, here is a photo of a very pretty bruise on my upper arm.  I got it when I tripped playing soccer in our backyard, and fell into a cinder block. It looks like tie dye!

It did not look as bad at first, but has looked worse (but felt better) each day. I think it is now starting to fade a bit.