Tuesday, February 16, 2016

End of Whiskey Row


  1. I noticed that Buckle B recommends your blog. He has not been active for awhile and I have been trying to contact him. If you know him personally, would you be able to pass this message on. It is about his post from December 29th 2008. It is about the ball marker her found that I would like to purchase from him. Thank you so much.

    Hi. I am a very avid golfer that had one of these ball markers. Unfortunately I recently lost mine in a tournament. It was the only marker I would use the past 10 years I have had it. I originally found it in an old vending machine at my home club. It was a very unique mark that I had never seen before and it does not feel the same marking with a quarter. I have looked all over the internet and I can only find a cheap, fake version of the original. I can not find one like I used to have, like the one you found. I was just wondering if there was any chance you would sell the marker to me. My old mark was my good luck charm and I hope to one day find another one similar to it if you are not willing to sell. Thanks for your time.

    Jake N

  2. Hi Jake,
    I forwarded your message to Brian. I hope he is able to find the ball marker. I will check with him and ask him to respond.

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    2. Thanks let me know if you hear from him! Means a lot!


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