Saturday, May 21, 2016

Broadheaded skink, captured

Here are some photos of a broadheaded skink, captured by a little boy I know on Derby Day.  We spotted him on a sidewalk.  This kid, he's a natural hunter/gatherer.  He's clever and determined when it comes to stalking game.  I watched him catch anoles in Florida, and I've seen him catch other little critters, too.  So he went after this lizard, but the lizard darted into the bushes.  

We discouraged his active pursuit, but he wouldn't be dissuaded.  He kept rummaging through the hedge until he caught a glimpse of the hiding lizard, and grabbed it.  He maintained a firm but delicate grip (I don't think the lizard was injured in any way) even though the skink kept biting his fingers ("Ow! Ow! He's really biting me!").  You can see in the third photo how the lizard kept craning his head around, trying to find something to bite.  He latched onto soft skin and fingertips a number of times.  Finally, he was released back into the bushes, but had to be persuaded to unclamp his jaws.

I don't think I had ever noticed this species of skink before.  His red head (and it is "his"; if it had been a "her" the head would not have been scarlet) is pretty awesome.

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