Tuesday, June 07, 2016

 We recently bought some butternut squash hummus at a farmers market, and we all enjoyed it. That, and the various forms of pesto I've recently encountered, got me thinking about how all kinds of things could probably be added to hummus and pesto.

We just got our first big box of produce from a CSA. It has beets and chard. I have grown quite fond of beets in recent years, but no one else in my family really likes them. It occurred to me that cooked beets might be an interesting addition to hummus. So I Googled it, and sure enough, I found recipes that went along with what I had in mind.

So last night I made beet hummus, which was really just hummus with some roasted beets added to it. I also roasted the garlic this time, and added some coriander and a dash of cayenne. It was good, but I think the thing about it I like best is the bright magenta color.

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