Friday, September 07, 2007

Painted saw

Yesterday I decided I was done with the saw, but today I'm really having second thoughts about that bee. I'm not satisfied. I would appreciate any comments you'd care to make. I may just turn that bee into a monarch butterfly.


  1. I find this saw to be a scathing, anti-neo-retro-postmodernist criticism of modern American capitalist consumer culture. It's perhaps the most dangerous piece of art I have seen in my life. I mean you could get tetanus or something if you scraped your hand on those teeth.

    Putting aside my lame, phony attempt at art criticism and to seriously address your questions, I like the bee because the yellows work with the flower right next to it. Yellow is pretty.

    Having neither good taste nor an aesthetic sense, I have no right to say anything about art. Please ignore me and carry on.

  2. you are so very talented! i like the bee, but i also think a monarch would be nice, or even more grass. my eye went straight to that big patch of yellow on the left - once i saw the next close up of the picnic table and tire swing i thought that was lovely, but hadn't seen it in the "big picture". that's just my lousy opinion. either way it's beautiful.

  3. I find this work to be "cutting edge." Is there room for a monarch? I think the orange would stand out more against the beautiful yellow flowers (which look like you could reach out and pick them. But this is like you reading greens on the course for me....

    Very proud of your work

  4. Thanks for your kind comments. I had not read anyone's but Ed's until just now. Last night I painted out the bumble bee and made the entire brown area into tree trunks. I am much happier with it. Also, right after I posted the pictures last Thursday, I went out and killed a bee and two butterflies (not monarchs; I'll have to look them up to see what kind they are) to use as possible models.

  5. do we get to see pictures? of the saw, not the dead stuff. and brian's totally right about looking like you can reach out and touch those yellow flowers. i was very impressed!


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