Friday, October 26, 2007

Wood rot

I had taken today off to go with Kim and the girls up to Huber's Family Farm, or whatever it's called. We were going to look for pumpkins, and go through the corn maze, and admire the gourd selection, and watch apples being turned into cider, and whatever else they do there.

Those plans fell through, however. The heavy rains earlier this week poured through the window of our family room: The water drips from the top of the window pain, having entered the wall through a seam in the roof. Today, a building contractor that Kim's dad knows, and a window guy that the contractor knows, came out to investigate the situation.

It's pretty bad, but I guess it could be worse. It turns out the drip guard above the gutter over the window doesn't reach far enough under the shingles. The roof has a slight flaw there, allowing water to pool under the shingles just at the edge, next to the gutter. It there seeps (or, in some cases, pours) down through the wall.

We also discovered that some of the wood inside the wall under that window (and likely above that window, too) is thoroughly rotten.

It will take quite a bit of repair. A gutter and siding guy that the contractor knows is supposed to come out early next week to look at it.

I called State Farm, and they said they only cover it if it's an accident, as opposed to a maintenance issue (in other words, they cover a lightning strike or tree limb damage, but not rotten wood from a leak.)

We may be able to save a hundred dollars or more if we take down and put up the gutter ourselves, which would be a 3-person job with three extension ladders, but that seems do-able. Even so, it'll be at least a thousand dollars, I'm sure.

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  1. Spencer and I just watched this exact episode on DIY last Saturday morning. I wish I could say we could wisk over and patch it up for you - but we are sadly lacking in the "do it yourself" department. So I just leave you with a vague reference to a TV show and well wishes for a dry window.


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