Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I'm excited about fishing this weekend.  I'll be picking up Chet, with whom I used to go fishing pretty frequently, early Saturday morning.  We're planning on going out to Guist Creek Lake to explore bank fishing spots.


I've heard that there's not a lot of bank access at Guist Creek, but the state owns 50 foot easement around the lake and recently acquired three acres of land adjacent to the lake and the highway to provide more shore access.  I'd like to do some exploring.  I may end up doing as much walking around as fishing, but that's fine with me.


I'm also very interested in fishing around the Falls of the Ohio, once the waters go down—whenever that will be.  I've only fished down there a little, while the water was sort of high, and never caught anything.  However, the talk among anglers is that it's a really good spot for striped bass, sauger, catfish, and more.  Also, I just learned that just a couple of years ago, the Louisville side (at Shippingport Island) was opened up to public access with a new bridge and footpaths.  One can fish there now, and do some bird watching.  It also might be a great spot for painting.  I'm very interested in checking it out.


I've restrung two poles and checked over my tackle box, and I even honed the hooks on a few of my lures last night.  As nerdy as it sounds, I spent a few minutes discussing knots on the phone with Chet last night.


Dad has also prepared his fishing gear, but I don't know if he wants to go fishing for fishing's sake, or if he really just wants to go to do it with his grand daughters, which we plan to take on their first fishing excursion soon.  I don't know where we'll go; I'm thinking either Long Run or McNeely Lake, but Miles Park out in Middletown might also be good. ("Good" being a relative term for these over-fished suburban lakes.)


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  1. You're right....I'm more interested in going fishing with Erin and Jillian. After fishing with them and throwing out a line a few times I might get the 'REAL' fishing bug.


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