Friday, May 06, 2011

Oil paint tube inventory

I just took an inventory of my oil paint tubes.  I've been acquiring paints slightly faster than I've been using them for 15 or 20 years, and I've often been focusing on non-oil-painting related art, so I now have a pretty good supply of paint.  I have no idea how this compares to other painters; how many other painters have this many tubes of paint lying around?  Maybe most of them; maybe very few. I don't know.


Many of these are purchases of opportunity; I got them off of sales or clearance tables, even though I didn't need them right away, since the price was good and I knew they'd keep pretty well.


Some of them were probably given to me at some point in time by someone or other.


Quite a few of them I actually don't know what they are or how they handle.  I thought the Rembrandt brand paints, very few of which I've used, were supposed to be student-grade, but I just read that they are actually be a little bit better in quality than I thought.


There are also some tubes that I didn't list because they were almost gone.  If I had only a tiny fraction of a tube (less than a quarter remaining), I didn't bother listing it.


I now have a short list of paints I need to get in the near future for a portrait I'm about to start: yellow ochre, venetian red—that's about it, I think.


The Liquitex oil paints are old, too: Liquitex stopped making oils in the early 90s, I think.  The tubes are in rough shape, and I might need to puncture them to get the paint out since the caps are stuck on so tight.



-Grumbacher thalo blue

-W&N Prussian blue (small tube)

-Liquitex Prussian blue

-W&N French ultramarine

-Grum. Cobalt blue

-W&N cobalt blue

-W&N manganese blue hue – I'm not sure how this compares to the cerulean. It seems like it might be like thalo blue, but less powerful.

-Graham pthalo blue

-W&N cerulean blue

-Grum. permanent blue – I can't remember using this, so I don't know what it's like.



-W&N brown madder alizarin

-W&N burnt sienna

-Liquitex burnt umber (small tube)

-W&N raw sienna

-Rembrandt transparent oxide brown – I color I'm unfamiliar with. I haven't used this one.



-W&N Winsor green

-Grumbacher permanent bright green (1/5 tube remaining)

-Grum. green earth hue

-Grum. sap green

-Liquitex permanent green light



-Giant tube of Graham cadmium yellow medium, half used – walnut oil binder

-Grum. cadmium barium yellow light

-Grum. cadmium barium yellow pale

-W&N cadmium yellow pale

-W&N jaune brilliant (small tube) – I can't recall every using this and I don't know what it looks like.

-Rembrandt stil de grain jaune – a very pale whitish neutral yellow.  I never hear anyone mention this color.

-Rembrandt transparent oxide yellow – I don't know what this color looks like either; I've never opened the tube.



-Grum cad bar orange

-W&N cadmium orange



-Grum cad bar red deep

-Grum cad bar red med

-Grum rose madder hue

-Graham cadmium red (1/2 tube left) – walnut oil

-Grum geranium lake (small tube)– I might just throw this one away since I've picked up on the fact that geranium lake is extremely prone to fading

-W&N light red – It's been so long since I've touched this. I think it might be a brownish red?

-Grum thalo red rose – I don't remember every using this one.

-Rembrandt transparent oxide red – I don't know what this one looks like, either.




-Grum cobalt violet

-Grum dioxazine purple


One large partial tube of Permalba white, a couple of small tubes of titanium white, several tubes of zinc white



-Gamblin torrit grey


-Liquitex ivory black


Cheap oils:


I also have 14 tubes of Shiva oil paints that some picked up at a yard sale for me sometime in the late 1990s.  They, as well as the Rembrandt brand tubes listed above, were old then, but I don't know what year they were made.  I would guess late '80s, but I really can't tell.  The tubes are sticky and hard to read, and the caps are stuck on them; I've hardly touched them.  I know this is a low-grade paint, but I might use them for experiments or sketches.  Maybe they would be OK for some underpaintings, too.


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