Thursday, May 10, 2012

Germantown street view

This painting is about eight years old, 16 x 20", oil on panel.  I am just putting it up here because I never put it up here before, and I sold it recently to a co-worker.
I painted these shotgun houses just off Ellison Avenue, next to Gnadinger Park, the smallest park in Louisville.  It might be the smallest park in the history of humanity.


  1. I really like that painting. Was the fellow worker a Germantown Resident? And, yep, that is one small park!

  2. This was always one of my favorites, Mark.

  3. that's been my work screen saver for 2 years (with a big block print message "by mark tabler, ask me how to buy." ) i guess i'll change my screen saver now.


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