Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Connect at Bernheim, in August

Connect at Bernheim, August 2012

Squallis puppeteer at the Connect at Bernheim even, August 2012

Back in August I went to Connect at Bernheim; here are some photos from the event. I was fun, although not all of it was very interesting. One of the first fun things I saw was a display when some guys were putting a device on people’s heads. This device would monitor your brain activity; if you concentrated, you could make an air compressor blow up a watermelon. It was kind of entertaining to watch.

The Squallis puppeteers were there, too. It was almost too dark to get a photo, but these came out OK.  This one guy was putting on a wearable huge white buffalo puppet. Reminiscent of my giant skeleton Halloween costume.

The Louisville Astronomical Society members were there with a number of telescopes set up. I got a great view of Saturn, looking like a tiny ringed jewel on a black field.

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  1. I'll bet you could blow up a watermelon sittin on your head - without any device.


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