Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lunch break metal detecting

I metal detected at lunch today; the first time I've done that in a long time. I visited a nearby park, and discovered that there is a small practice football field down in the woods there. I don't know how long it's been in use. The park dates to 1969, but there is a very old cemetery and old house remains on the land, and I found an old button there (what little I could find through Googling indicates it may date to the early 1800s) a couple of years ago.
This was my first visit to the football field. It's sort of secluded and, although I've been to the park a couple of dozen times, I only just now realized it was there.  There wasn't much trash, and I found a quarter, a nickel, and a couple of pennies. I also found what looks like a necklace clasp, which I don't think is silver.  I only covered a small area, so I guess it's worth going back to.

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