Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Games last weekend

Last weekend I was invited to a gathering to play games. There were 14-16 people playing, so it was time for party games. First we played Ultimate Werewolf. I had played simpler versions of Werewolf, with just a plain deck of cards and only three basic roles (villagers, werewolves, and a seer.)  I've always enjoyed that, but it was even better with Ultimate Werewolf because of the additional roles.

We played a couple of games of that; in the second game, I was in the final group of four people before the remaining players correctly guessed I was a werewolf (cub) and killed me.  The last laugh was on them, though, because then the chupacabra ate them.

Next we played  Cards Against Humanity, which I have played before with some of the same group.  I enjoy the game--so far--but I don't know how long-lived my enjoyment would be, and I certainly wouldn't want to play it with everyone I know.  The highlight of the game, I think, was when someone drew the question card: "War, what is it good for?"  Some of the card responses that people had in their hands, and played, were: "Nothing," "Amputees," "A windmill full of corpses," "Land mines," and "Large corporations."  The lady who had the question card, and who had to pick her favorite answer, looked them over and said, "Jeez, what happened to the funny answers?"

Later in the evening, people started leaving, and a smaller group started to pick out a more "gamer-y" game, which I would have loved to stay for, but I did not think I would be able to stay awake for it.

Most of the people at the party were people I had never met, and the ones I had met I barely knew.  I was thinking about this:  I like games so much that I am even willing to play them with strangers, which is tough, because I consider myself pretty introverted.  But then I also started to wonder that maybe that is one of the reasons why I like games to begin with.  Maybe it gives a more definite framework to the social interaction, more of a script to follow. I dunno.

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