Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Night Space Combat

Travis came over and we played a couple of games.  First off, we played a few games of Magic: The Gathering.  Travis had to teach me, and after a couple of games I started catching on.  I had been taught to play once, by Kelly, about 15 years ago, but I barely remembered it.  I still have cards that Kelly gave me, though.  I'm sure I'll have the chance to play Travis again.

Next, we played some X-Wing Miniatures.  Travis was called home before we could finish our 125-ish point game;  at that point, I had only lost one Obsidian Squadron TIE, but he had lost a decked-out HWK and had shields stripped from his B-wing and his X-wing piloted by Wedge Antilles, so it wasn't looking too good for him and his Rebels.  My initial maneuvering was good, but just as valuable were some lucky dice rolls on my part.

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