Monday, June 30, 2014

Metal detecting finds

The above photo is an artistically presented image of the garbage I find.  I find it rather attractive.

Anyway, when I go metal detecting, I lug around a little plastic carry-all tub with my digging tools and rags.  Anything I find gets tossed into the tub, too.  I try to put the interesting stuff on one side, the coins in one spot, and the garbage wherever it will fit.

I don't clean out my tub after every trip.  Instead I kind of save it up. I have done very little metal detecting over the past year, but finally after last week it was time to clean it out; it was just too full to keep using it.

All together I had about $5.85 in coins.  There were a few other slightly interesting bits:

I think the corroded cap gun and one or two of the cars came from the yard of the house my dad lived in when he was little; we hunted there about a year ago. The spoon is silver clad.  The lock at top was mainly interesting to me because the little lock mechanisms sticking out the side looked neat, but you can't really see them in this photo.  Right beneath the nose of the cap gun is a small-caliber bullet I found someplace.

One coin I found was an 1896 Indian head penny, but it is so corroded that it's hard to tell what it is.

This is aluminum to recycle:

And here is the rest of the garbage:

That's a lot of garbage. Oh, well, better in the landfill than in the ground at the park or the school.  Even though the amount of junk I dig up is large, I always think it's surprising how high the ratio is of coins to junk.  At least, as long as I'm hunting in a decent spot.  There have been plenty of places where I just keep finding junk and more junk and then give up.

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