Tuesday, July 01, 2014

A few games

I got to play some games last weekend.  I met up with Travis and a few other guys and played a new card game (new to me, anyway) called Fairy Tale.  It took me 1 ½ games to catch on to the rules, but once I finally understood how to read the cards the game seemed fun and pretty simple.  If I ever come across an inexpensive copy I wouldn’t mind picking it up.

Then we played Magic: The Gathering, which I have hardly ever played, and with which I am only slightly familiar.  I did very well for much of the game because I started with some good cards, and then, since I was a newcomer, no one was bothering to attack me.  But after a while, the two other players remaining in the game realized I had grown into a threat, and wiped me out.  I think Magic is a fun game, but I can’t see myself ever getting into it in any way that’s nearly as serious as the game’s enthusiasts.  Too much money, too much time.  That being said, I’ve considered getting a starter pack just to play with family and friends, but hesitated because I already have games I want to play but don’t have time for.

After I got home, my daughter wanted to play Magic Labyrinth, which is a good game.  I enjoy the puzzle-y, movement forecast-y element.  The next day, at my father-in-law’s, we played it again next to the pool.

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