Saturday, November 01, 2014

Halloween post - action report

The French policeman and the wizard

We participated in the St. Matthews Halloween parade in Grandpa Len's neighborhood, then trick - or - treated there. It was quite cold and breezy. We would have been out longer were it not for the biting chill. Then we stopped at Mimi and Grandpa's new place, and on the way home we hit some pretty heavy snow showers.

Here is a pumpkin I carved Thursday night:

I took him over to my daughter's 5th grade Halloween Party on Friday morning, along with three more pumpkins for them to carve.  I think they had fun with it.  As you can tell from the photos, the boys tended to have more of a heavy-handed approach, with pumpkin destruction becoming an art of its own.

These boys are performing brain surgery on the one I carved:

The girls were more likely to aim for a more classical style of pumpkin sculpting.

 This one looked rather elegant:

In the evening we went to Len's and participated in the 65th annual St. Matthews Halloween Parade. Although it was coooooooold and breezy, and only my wife seemed to be dressed appropriately for the weather, we waited for the costume contest. My oldest daughter won a prize of $20 for her wizard getup.

costume contest

a wizard in the cold
After that, we trick-or-treated around the neighborhood.  Enthusiasm waned more quickly than it would have were it no so frigid, but the girls both still had baskets full to the top with candy.  Some people were giving out generous portions.

During the day I watched the movie "The Awakening," which had a lot of creepy parts but, as I had heard from reviews, a silly ending.

It was a good day.

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