Monday, October 12, 2009

"Boo at the Zoo"

Here are pictures of our first, and last, trip to the Boo at the Zoo. The line atually started--I shit you not-- on Poplar Level Road in front of Kmart. Seriously. You start in line there, still in your car, and the line ended after you had parked, entered the Zoo, and made it to around the Islands exhibit. Around that point it finally sort of broke up into a general loosely defined stream of people.
Now, I'll grant that it might have been an unusually crowded night. And I'll grant that the attractions that were there, though feeble and frustrating under the circumstances, might have struck me as a set of somewhat tolerable family-friendly scenarios had we not been queued to hell and back. But we'll be doing something else next October.
There were a lot of really cute kids in really cute costumes.

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  1. Jill in the stroller is a hoot. I still think she looks like she's ready to be served up on a platter. And I was the only one smart enough to wear my winter duds.


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