Sunday, October 25, 2009

What I've been doing

1. Reading the Harry Potter books. I'm on number five.

2. Being sick. I think it's too mild to have been the flu, but it might have been a very mild flu. Probably a cold. I'm improved to the point now to just feeling run-down frequently thoughout the day, and coughing a lot (the coughing at night might be what makes me feel tired during the day.)

3. Halloween costume: Major progress has been made, but the chance of me having it completed by this Halloween is slight. Twelve to one.

4. Two house drawings. One completed, one being developed. The first came out very nicely. Photos to follow.

5. Photographing paintings. I'm trying to get paintings, new and old, photographed so that I can show them on the Web, such as on my Etsy site and on my art Web site. I'm not a sophisticated photographer and I don't have a good tripod, so it's been a challenge, but it's coming along.
Here are photos of the girls from school's Fall Festival last weekend.

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