Monday, October 12, 2009

Bowling at Doulapalooza

We went to Doulapalooza at Vernon Lanes on Saturday. The girls bowled for the first time, and both liked it. The younger sister did it a few times before succumbing to illness and crashing; the elder absolutely loved it, jumped up and down excitedly as she watched her ball slowly roll toward the pins, and generally got a kick out of the whole process. Even she, though, tired of it after about seven frames. Of the six players in our game, I was the only one left bowling by the middle of the seventh frame, so I ended up finishing for everyone.
I know it doesn't look like it in the photos, but those balls were actually rolling.


  1. What fun. And I'm glad Jill's feeling better, and hope Erin gets better as quickly as Jill did, now that she also has a bug.

  2. Glad you folks came and enjoyed the afternoon with us!


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