Wednesday, August 11, 2010

English to Italian, Italian to Swedish, Swedish to English

--that's how I ran translations for my post from last week (a few posts below this one), using the Google translator feature.  I can only say that the translation methods seem to have become more sophisticated in the past few years; how else to explain some of the weird things that popped up?

 Small Tomatoes at the beginning of pictures from the Super Sweet 100 bush I planted, the larger, which can be understood from the picture is still small, fruit size, not only Caddyshack "is a hybrid of volunteers approached the edge of the Garden. This plant grows every tomato is better in my garden, and the mass outside the UN much fruit. They're pretty good, but too small for sandwich UN and solo too big to run across the mouth.

Tonight I have a small cut "of green onions from the garden and a (non-spicy, for some reason) that the banana pepper Len gave me. I sauteed them in olive oil, one of the employees of Mary and me to the Top noodles, along with some tomato slices. A piece of fish and homemade bread are also images.

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