Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Mythical Origins of Alyssa

Yesterday, my youngest child was pretending to be someone named Alyssa, and she eagerly told me the story of how she "got borned":


"For some reason, just before I got borned, my mother died.  Then, all of a sudden [dramatic hand wave] in a big flash of lightning, I came out of my dad's tummy.  We were living in Chicago.  At that time, there weren't many people or things in Chicago, so we moved to Kentucky where there were more people."



We had corn from the garden with our dinner.  Some of it was a little under-ripe, but I picked it before the varmints could beat me to it, which they frequently do.  The ears were less buggy and better developed than any I've grown and picked before, but there wee still some "ear-fill" problems.


I am now markedly out-paced in my tomato consumption.  For a little while, I was eating enough to almost keep up with what was coming in, but no more.  I have even become pretty good at frying some adequately delicious green tomatoes, and I'll make another batch of salsa in the next day or two, but there are too many tomatoes on my counter.  Not enough to bother with canning, though.  Perhaps I should oven- or dashboard-dry some.


Last night I had the idea that I should sautee some of the onions from my garden with some garlic, then use that in bread dough.  Perhaps I could even use some pureed tomatoes; that could be a fantastic pizza crust.



  1. Oh, how most moms would like those babies to pop out as quickly as a big flash of lightning. And maybe even out of the daddy's tummy. Love it.

  2. "Mythical Origins of Alyssa." Sounds like there should be a whole series of stories, movies and action figures. ("Sheera-Princess of Power" only better...right, Kim?) Where on earth does your youngest daughter get all of these fantastic ideas and tales? That is priceless. But then, she is your daughter...


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