Monday, April 04, 2011

Sunny windy Sunday

I got my first sunburn of the year yesterday.  It's not bad. They rarely are for me, but I can feel this one a little on the back and sides of my neck.


The girls and I worked in the garden for a while.  We planted some snap peas, chives, and asparagus, but most of the time I was out there I was just trying to prepare the soil.  Since I've been quite lax in the past about using mulch, grass and weed roots pervade my designated garden spots, and I try to get rid of them as I go.


I've never tried to grow asparagus before, and I'm looking forward to it:  Not only do I like eating it, but I think the plants are attractively large and interesting.  I hope they do all right.


I still need to plant some garlic bulbs and spinach, and I need to get the tomatoes and broccoli going in the starter trays I just bought.


After we worked in the garden, we all went to Robsion Park to ride bikes and fly kites (photos in posts below).  It was a good kite flying day.  Usually when I think it's a good kite flying day I still can't get a kite to stay up very well at all, but we had more success yesterday than usual, despite the fact that Len spent a huge amount of time trying to get strings untangled.  The girls rode their bikes quite a bit, and I wasn't sure they were going to stop before I dropped.


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