Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Two nights ago I got a call from a lady affiliated with the annual Baxter Avenue Halloween Parade.  She was apologetic; she was having to call everyone who had signed up for the parade and explain to them that the reason parade starting details (float order, starting point, that sort of thing) had not yet been sent out because the parade organizers were scrambling to find a new venue.  Their normal starting point and the Midcity Mall was unexpectedly unavailable, and they were trying to work it out.  I hope they do.
The day before yesterday I worked a little on my Halloween costume.  It's the same as last year, but I had to replace a carabiner that held an elbow together; it had been taken out for one of the girls to use at day camp this summer.  I also added a little more paint to the fabric in front.
I also bought a long plastic chain to go with it.  The chain was white, but I spray painted it. I decided on black, since I could also use black on the fabric, and it was cheap.  I'm afraid it might have been too cheap, because I don't know if it is adhering well enough.  About an hour after I sprayed it, I could easily scrape it off with my finger nail.  Maybe a little more drying time has helped "cure" it, but I have my doubts.
In spraying all the paint, I got a newfound respect for graffiti artists/vandals.  My wrists are sore from holding down the button on the spray can.  How could my arms be sore from spray paintings?


  1. What could possible be going on around the Midcity Mall that's more important than the Halloween parade?

  2. This may be a bit more money, but may come in handy for future projects...have you ever tried using black plasti-dip? We use it at work to dip the handles of tools in. We dip it and let it hang dry for a couple hours. That may work for the chain.


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