Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Costumes and pumpkins

I recently learned that there is a large costume contest down at 4th Street Live! this weekend; I think I'll head down to compete.  Maybe, with a little luck, I can turn my Halloween-themed work into a cash prize.  The only trouble is, I'm not sure I'll actually be able to enter any of the establishments in-costume without bumping light fixtures.
I'm really not very familiar with 4th Street Live! since I don't have little money or time to spend drinking in downtown nightspots.  Therefore, I'm not too certain of the layout.  I'm guessing walking around in my costume would be a little more awkward than walking in the Baxter Avenue Halloween Parade.
I'd love to see what other costumes show up; I bet competition will be stiff.  In light of that, I may have to do some tweaking of my own outfit before the weekend.  I'm thinking of adding an eerie glow to the inside of my skull, some painted decorative trim to the robe, and improving the paint job on the chain.  Maybe I'll add a little ornamentation.
Yesterday I went to my girls' school and gave an art class demonstration on pumpkin sculpting.  I brought a couple of pumpkins that I had started, and let the nine or so kids in the class finish them off.  We ended up peeling the skin off the backs of the pumpkins, too, so that there were a total of four faces to work on.  The kids really sailed into them, gouging and scraping.  They seemed to enjoy it.  Only two of my fine-point tools were broken, which is better than I dared to hope beforehand.  I had fun with it.
By yesterday afternoon, I felt a little burned out on pumpkin sculpting, but it's coming back.  I could do another tonight, if I had time.


  1. Going Downtown is not one of my favorite things to do, but if you can't get a volunteer to help you I would go with you. I don't have anything planned this weekend except not going to Indiana.

  2. I'll bet Erin loved having you at her art class. Sounds like it was fun.


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