Thursday, October 06, 2011

Metal detecting on lunch break

 The past two days, I metal detected on my lunch break in a yard near where I work.  The house, which is now a business, is one of the older homes on the street it's on, but it's hard for me to gauge the age; I'd guess it was built in the 40's.  The first day, I only found scrap and nails and a car ignition switch. 
Yesterday, I found another car ignition switch, and small piece of metal from a Packard (I assume that's what it is, since it has the word "Packard" stamped on it), a 1950-D cent that would look really nice if it weren't all dinged up on the reverse, and an 1873 British penny that is very, very worn.
I feel pretty confident that the British penny was lost more recently than 1873, and it's too worn to be of use in any coin collection, but it was still fun to find.


  1. It's been beautiful weather to be outdoors doing anything at all.

  2. Interesting finds! I wish it would rain, a good soaking rain, to get the ground ready for metal detecting in cooler weather.


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