Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Last weekend I tilled a couple of small garden spots in m yard.  They had never been tilled before.  Previously, I had always just turned them over with a spade before planting.  I am thinking that this tilling, with the compost I added, will make a big difference in my heavy-clay back yard.

I planted three different tomato plants (three different varieties: Rapunzel, Mortgage Lifter, and … I forget the third).  I also planted three basil plants, plus a Culver’s root plant (purely decorative, a native flower).

Yesterday I received some seeds I ordered.  Butterfly milkweed, plus a bonus of rose milkweed.  After reading about them on the internet, it looks like I should cold-stratify them by putting them in a damp paper towel or wet sand in the refrigerator for about 30 days before sowing them.  I’m kind of excited about them.

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