Friday, September 11, 2009

Near-failure with bread

The night before last I mixed up some bread dough, and the girls helped me knead it (they had a lot of fun with it; Jill provided a constant loud narration of all her actions, as if she were showing an auditorium full of students the proper method).


The dough came out fine, but I left it sitting on the counter to rise for a little too long. We were done kneading it around 7:30, and I didn't put it into the over until nearly 24 hours later. Now I realize what's causing a problem I've had with some of my bread and pizza dough. It's over-fermented.


The bread is edible, it just has a slightly bitter edge to it.  We tried some while it was still warm, and Kim thought it had a little bit of a taste or smell like wine.  I detected an odor of beer.  It's not awful by any means, but my daughters didn't much care for it and I'll do my best to shorten the rising time from now on.



  1. Jill? Constant loud narration? Who woulda believed...

  2. The loud narration is a Grandpa Wagner gene. I am quite proud of it myself.


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