Monday, September 21, 2009


This first photograph is the pumpkin I recently realized had developed at the back of my garden under the tall grass. you can see the mostly dead vine it grew from; I suspect that, like a lot of fruit, the deteriorating health of the plant hastened the ripening of the pumpkin. It is now mostly orange. I haven't closely inspected the pumpkin itself for disease. For all I know, the underside may be rotten. Who knows, though? I might be able to carve it for Halloween! These two itty bitty ones are the volunteers that grew in the back corner of the yard where I used to have the compost pile. They are absolute darlings, if you don't mind me sounding totally gay. The very bottom of each has a clearly defined green spot. I included the spoon in the photos for size comparison, not because anyone (not even me) will attempt to eat them.


  1. Two little pumpkins, Erin and Jillian.

  2. I don't mind you sounding totally gay. But I do mind you sounding totally gardener.


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