Monday, March 29, 2010

Something lacking


I've been thinking and reading about oil painting, and over the past few days I've come to a tentative conclusion about my palette: it is missing a color.


For twenty years I have felt something amiss in my paintings. It has been nagging me inconsistently. I think I picked up some form of faulty advice or slightly skewed mindset sometime when I was in college, and this has negatively affected my painting.


I need to add black to my palette.  I have mixed my own blacks when I felt it necessary, sure, but I have never used tubed black for anything in oil painting.  Now, though, I think it would help me explore more color subtlety.



  1. Finally, after all these years you bring an end to oil paint apartheid. Proud of you brother.

    How does black help with color subtlety, if you don't mind me asking?

  2. Hey, Jacuhcuh. Mixing in some true neutral color (black) would tone down the color intensity (chroma). I think I've had problems with that.


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