Tuesday, November 01, 2011

4th Street Live! Halloween Costume Contest (part 1)

 On Saturday night I went downtown to the 4th Street Live! costume contest.  Paul, who was dressed as Zombie Claus, went with me. I regret that I don't have any good pictures of him, but I bet I can get him to forward me a photo of himself.
Going in, I thought I had a decent chance at a cash prize, but I wasn't even a finalist.  There were perhaps a couple of thousand people down there, with a large percentage of them in costume; and of that percentage in costume, a significant fraction of them were what I would call "really done up."  I only got photos of a few of the good ones, and I'm thankful to Paul for his assistance in snapping photos.  He was great as my spotter all around, letting me know if I was getting to bump into someone.
These first photos show Frankenstein's monster, who looked pretty decent, and two guys dressed as the extraterrestrial hunters from the "Predator" movies. They looked very good, and were finalists in the "Best Couple or Group" category.

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