Wednesday, November 02, 2011

4th Street Live! Halloween Costume Contest (part 4)

The purple people eater was my favorite costume of the night.  You can see the woman's head and arm hanging outside of the costume, giving the appearance that the beast has her in its clutches.  The costume was huge.  I asked her if there was another person in there with her, and she said no, but the back of the costume was built onto a cart to support its weight so she could just roll around with it.  Regardless, this is another costume wasn't particularly mobile.  She didn't move around much.
I asked her if she made it herself, and she said her mom did most of the sewing.  It looked like a lot of work.  I don't know what the "fur" fabric was built on top of.
I think she should have won a prize, but I don't think she would have made it up onto the stage.
The other picture shows two of the many people who asked me to be in a picture with them.
There were quite a few costumes that were great, but I didn't get photos of.  There was a group that came as the Sherman Minton Bridge, there were two great looking silver-skinned aliens with silver basketball heads, some overly-tall techno-demons, Colonel Sanders with fangs, a guy in a Tron suit, quite a few very well made up witches, a woman who could place herself into a life-size cardboard Barbie doll box, and lots more.

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