Tuesday, November 01, 2011

4th Street Live! Halloween Costume Contest (part 3)

 There were a few costumes that were as big or bigger than mine.  The contest's grand prize winner was a giant werewolf, which was a guy on quadruped stilts.  The movements were creepy, and he was enormous.  There was also a winged demon who was almost as tall as me.  He was in the center of our tall-guy group photo, but he walked off (and can be seen in the photo at far left) before Paul could get the photo.  He looked quite creepy, and could spead out his wings very wide when he wanted.
Then there was the lady in the peacock costume.  She had a long, very colorful train behind her, which rendered her a little immobile.  Paul talked with her and learned that she never had sewn before she made her costume.  Her feathers were spread out wide, and her mask was painted plaster.  She looked great.

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