Monday, March 23, 2015

Ohio River at Flood Stage: 29.9 Feet, During and After photos.

Here are some photos from the week before last, alongside photos from a couple of days ago.  The water was right around 29.9 feet on the upper gauge at Louisville.  The river is actually back behind the houses you can see in the distance in these photos.  The school campus is right near where Little Goose Creek hits the Ohio, so I guess most of the water here is actually flowing from Little Goose Creek.

We spent some time this past Saturday cleaning the greenhouse, which was a mess.

In some part of the fields, areas where I often walk and kids play, the water was 5 feet or more deep.

The school's athletic field. The greenhouse had thigh-deep water, and parts of the field where the cross country team usually runs were shoulder-deep.

The bottom half of the lower parking lot/drive was flooded.  The field beyond, used for some overflow parking for school events, was 5-6 feet under water in spots.

When I think about this being all up and down the river, it really seems like an awful lot of water!

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