Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ohio River flooding in Louisville

Two days ago (Sunday) we drove down to check out the flooding.  This first photo is the view from the top of the steps of Virginia Chance School on Lime Kiln Lane.  A fellow was getting a small boat ready.  He cruised around the fields for a while.

This is a broad panaromic shot of the road and school field.  The school greenhouse is knee-deep (I estimate, anyway) in water.  Speaking of knee-deep, I could hear a lot of frogs. Upland chorus frogs, I think, but I don't know for sure.

Some people were driving or wading through the water to get to their homes on River Road.  Kim (who is at left in this picture) and I shut the school parking lot gates so people would not be inclined to park there--the top of the lot was still dry, but only a foot above the water, and although it was not forecast to rise much more we thought closing it off would be a wise move.
Flooding on Lime Kiln Lane.

Pity the poor tiny people who live in this tiny house!  Actually, it's used as a tool shed.

I spotted this fishing spider crossing the road from 30 feet away. He was big!

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