Monday, November 30, 2009



Yesterday I made gingersnaps for the first time. They came out pretty well, although they could have used a little less ground cloves and a little more ginger and snap. In fact, the came out with very little snap; they were sort of cakey. The taste was good, though, and everyone in the family seemed to find them agreeable. Fortunately, they were very easy to make, so it will be fun to experiment with them to improve the recipe.


I made the cookies after I made some bread rolls with lots of help from the girls. Both daughters really like kneading and shaping bread dough. One of their favorite activities is to work on "twisty bread," which is Jill's name for bread dough that they can pull apart and twist and stretch into various misshapen rolls to be baked. We just use plenty of olive oil to keep hands from getting too messy. The results are always delicious.

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  1. I'll bet the girls have lots of fun making 'delicious and interesting' twisty bread. A special time with their Daddy, too!


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