Tuesday, November 03, 2009

School bus

This photo is from a few weeks ago. The assignment was for art class, in which they were studying folk art. The students were given a block of wood and told that they must make a toy from recycled, reused, or scrap materials--in the folk art/craft tradition.
This particular artist took the "recycle" part pretty literally, and focused mainly on stuff she could pull from our recycle bin. She decided to make a school bus, and created it all herself (there was minimal parental help, consisting mainly of helping her press down the Scotch Tape firmly.)
I'm so proud of her!


  1. you should be proud of her!!! It is obvious she has inherited creativity from her parents!

  2. The bus was very nice. I saw it up close and the photo doesn't do it justice. She really did a nice job on it. I'm a little proud of her myself.


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