Monday, November 23, 2009

Cataloging coins


I stayed up a little too late last night trying to finish a numismatic job I undertook almost two years ago: cataloging the world coins that one of my uncles received from his uncle as a child. I've been working on it very inconsistently and could have finished it a long time ago if I hadn't let other projects take priority. The only think I have left to do is put a couple of nicer-looking coins in some protective holders, and I'll call it quits.


It's a really great assortment of coins if you're not interested in high-value stuff. Very few things are worth more than a dollar.  Most have a book-value (a notoriously unreliable estimate) of 25 cents or less. However, most of them are in great shape, and they're a fun sampling of nations in the early '50s.

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  1. I'm sure Mark's appreciative that you've taken the time to do this, and it sounds like you've enjoyed it, too.


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